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Port of ancient sea battle of Salamis discovered!

Structures and port buildings found

The Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports said the location where the Greek naval forces had gathered before the historic sea battle of Salamis against Persians in 480 BC had been discovered. The announcement said the location was most likely the commercial as well as the navy port of the island of Salamis in the classical ancient Greek era. The discovery came to light after ongoing archaeological search that commenced in 2016. “It is the commercial and probably war port of the classical and Hellenistic period of the city-state of Salamis”, the Ministry said. “It is also the regions where a portion of the united Greek navy had gathered on the eve of sea battle in 480 BC.” The search also confirmed the existence of ancient artifacts submerged on the three sides (north, west and south) of the bay of Ambelakia. Some of the findings that came to light included port structures, fortifications and various other buildings. “Following aerial photography, photogrammetric processing, topographical and architectural documentation, the first visible map of the region came to surface”, the statement said.

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