President Erdogan in latest Turkish propaganda video: I will plant (flag) you wherever you want

The tawdry video is promoting Turkish neo-Ottoman policies

Turkey released its latest propaganda video promoting its “Blue Homeland” expansionist policies in the Aegean Sea featuring a mix of Ottoman navy with the voice of President Erdogan heard in the background.

In the 5-minute gaudy footage, which was uploaded by the Turkish Presidency, once again depicts Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the new Α “Ataturk”.

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At the beginning of the video, two children can be seen reading a book entitled “The ruler of the sea becomes the ruler of the world”. Two Turkish navy officers hand over a Turkish flag and a small boat to the children indicating their father has become a “martyr” in the cause of the Homeland’s war to rule the seas.


At the end of the video, Tayyip Erdogan can be heard reciting two verses from the poem “Flag” talking to the Turkish flag. uttering the following: “You there, my priced one, my pressure, my everything! Any place on earth you like to stand! Wherever you want to fly, tell me to set you up there “.