Prespa Agreement “sinks” SYRIZA in Macedonia

SYRIZA lost heavily in 14 districts across Macedonia

The prediction by political analysts and pundits that SYRIZA would incur a serious blow in its support in the region of Macedonia in the European Elections after the Prespa Agreement was largely confirmed.
According to the official results by the Interior Ministry, SYRIZA lost heavily in 14 districts across Macedonia in Sunday’s European Parliament.

Despite efforts by SYRIZA officials to present the Prespa Agreement in a positive light in the election campaign, the leftist party lost over 10 points compared to the 2015 national elections.
Out of the 11 electoral districts that the ruling party failed to exceed 20% of the vote, 7 were in the region of Macedonia.

In contrast, New Democracy appears to have made substantial gains in support ranging between 2 to 6 percentage points, compared to the September 2015 national elections, a performance that is even more impressive when comparing it the 2014 European Elections, as ND received 10-13 point higher in 10 electoral districts.