Prespa Agreemnet will not be implemented due to EU’s refusal to start accession talks, PM Zaev says

Zaev warned that if the Balkan countries are not allowed into the EU there will be serious problems in the whole of Europe

The EU’s refusal to set a date for accession negotiations with North Macedonia could jeopardise the Prespa Agreement, PM Zoran Zaev told Euronews in an interview.

Zaev explained that specific articles of the Agreement are linked to releasing funds for his country’s accession negotiations. As he underlined, of course Skopje did not expect immediate accession to European institutions, but a “yes” from the “28” would be the incentive to continue along the right path with Albania.

“There is a link between the implementation of the Agreement and the opening and closing of accession funds. Especially for domestic use in some cases. There is a connection, because our Greek friends have accepted that we can do it because of the future that Northern Macedonia has with the European Union. In this context, too, the Prespa Agreement cannot be implemented. Part of it will freeze because it cannot be implemented. We will try to implement some provisions, but the two are interlinked because the process of exchanging funds means we will surrender our national sovereignty to the European Union”, Zaev said.

The PM said the European prospect was the only choice for both his country and the whole of the western Balkans, warning that in a different event there would be unpleasant developments in the region as well in the whole of Europe.

In response to the interview, the Spokesperson for EU Foreign Affairs & Security Policy Maja Kocijancic said the EU believed both parties would remain committed to the implementation of the Prespa Agrement.