Tsipras takes over PM’s official Twitter account; TL still has Samaras’ material

The political oath given by Alexis Tsipras (rather than religious oath) was the first tweet of the “Prime Ministerial» Twitter account

Out with the old, in with the new, goes the saying, and that’s what Alexis Tsipras’ associates did on Tuesday, changing the name and photograph on the “official” Greek prime minister’s Twitter account, verified no less.

The picture of up-until-recently PM, current New Democracy leader — and one-time Political Spring (Pol.An) founder — Antonis Samaras, was replaced with Tsipras’ “more serious than usual” portrait, in red background.

The first “prime ministerial” tweet, by Tsipras, was the earlier political oath he took rather than the standard religious one.

Immediately after, there were dozens of “retweets”.

One thing his associates forgot to do, however, was delete the previous tweets by the Samaras team. Thus, there were earlier tweets referring to sayings and speeches by Samaras, but with Tsipras’ photograph!