Pro & Anti Brexit protesters march in London ahead of parliament vote on deal with EU

UKIP banner called for Theresa May’s Brexit deal to be dumped

Thousands of people have taken to the streets in London to march in a UKIP-organised rally and a counter-protest march.

A UKIP spokesman said “quite a few thousand” supporters turned up to their “Brexit Betrayal” march alongside controversial activist Tommy Robinson.

Marching in opposition were anti-fascist groups and Labour-backed campaigners.

A spokeswoman said 15,000 turned up to oppose Mr Robinson’s rally.

Laura Parker of Labour grassroots group Momentum claimed their counter-demonstration “vastly” outnumbered UKIP’s “nearly five to one”.

She said: “Even with the UKIP machine in tow, he [Robinson] only managed to bring a few thousand supporters out on the streets while we mobilised nearly 15,000 to march against his racism and bigotry.”

Police have not provided an estimate of crowd sizes.

Despite fears there could be clashes between the pro and anti-Brexiteers today, the marches which streamed through the streets of central London passed off peacefully.

Thousands of people took part on both sides of the divide, making their feelings known ahead of the key vote in parliament due to take place on Tuesday.

Those marching under the UKIP banner called for Theresa May’s Brexit deal to be dumped.