Professor in Serres accused of soliciting sexual favours and monetary bribes from students

Two accomplices were also arrested

A Professor at the Technical Educational Institution (TEI) in Serres was arrested on charges of bribery, as he allegedly received various kickbacks from students in order to pass his lessons. Two private school owners were also arrested as his direct accomplices. Female students testified that the professor would request sexual favours in exchange for passing them. The case came to light after an investigation by the Hellenic Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division, following specific complaints.

According to the police investigation, the three accused had taken up specific roles in their criminal endeavours and would offer the promise of passing the professor’s course to students in exchange for a variety of “favours” depending on each individual student. The police are in possession of audio material from dialogues showing his exchange with female students. Some bribes took the form of students offering free work for various employers, as well as secret bribes disguised as fees for tutoring at the two private schools
Police initially arrested one of the two private school owners after a coordinated sting operation. The police then proceeded to arrest the other two suspects.
During the search on the premises and the houses of the arrested, police found and confiscated:

-The amount of (178,045) euro, (15) deposit books and bank transfers with a total amount of transfer of € 140,000 to a foreign bank

-15 mobile phones

-electronics, disks and portable data storage units

The accused were charged with felonies and were referred to the relevant Prosecutor’s Office.