Prosecutor orders investigation into threat by anarchist group “Rouvikonas” for Sunday rally

Group posted Facebook message warning “blood would be spilled” at Macedonian rally in Athens

The Supreme Court Athens Public Prosecutor Xeni Demetriou instructed the Head of Prosecution of First Instance Court of Athens, Ilias Zagoraios to conduct a preliminary investigation into a post of anarchist group “Rouvikonas” on Facebook, which warned that “blood could be spilled” at the Sunday rally for the Macedonian issue in Athens at Syntagma Square.

The controversial post made the round of the Greek media and levelled direct threats of violence, although not specifying against who:
“On February 4, blood could be spilled. Some will be holding “mops” and some others knives. Others believe that “it will be their day” and some others want “to spend the day without losses”. We will see. With a lot of noise and probably a great cost to everyone”.

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Shortly after the first controversial posting the member of the anarchist group, George Kalaitzidis uploaded a second post, saying: “They secured the media with the last post I uploaded. What do you not understand? At the rally in Thessaloniki fascists in front of the SWAT teams, who were idly watching without doing anything, burned and attacked an occupied building. If they come here, we will not stand by and watch them stab us. Is that clear?”