Proto Thema meets … Woody Allen in Cannes!

Woody’s interested in shooting in Athens. He’s also fed up with reading every day about a looming … Greek catastrophe

Woody Allen says he’s definitely interested in shooting a movie in Athens if local authorities also pitch in for the production’s funding, noting that this was the case when he shot in London, Paris, Madrid and Rome.

Speaking to noted Greek film critic Dimitris Danikas in Cannes on Saturday at the post Marin Hotel, the legendary actor-director also gives his “take” on the still very current “Greek crisis”, saying people are reading every day about Greece leaving the Union and the Eurozone, instead of reading Plato and Socrates.

Allen said a day doesn’t go by without him reading about Greece’s pending collapse in the newspapers.

The entire interview will be published in “Proto Thema” when Woody Allen’s “Irrational Man” is shown in Greece.


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