Putin to Bolton: Did US bald eagle eat olive branch in coat of arms? (video)

Putin is set to meet US President Trump in November

The Russian president met Donald Trump’s national security advisor John Bolton on Tuesday, and in a humourous moment asked Bolton where the olive branch had gone on the US coat of arms, expressing his “surprised” by Washington’s “unprovoked” and unfriendly steps toward Moscow, while stressing the importance of continued dialogue
“As far as I can recall, the US coat of arms depicts an eagle, holding 13 arrows in one talon, and an olive branch, a symbol of peace-loving policy, with 13 olives, in the other. Question: Did your eagle eat all the olives, leaving only arrows?” Putin asked.
The Russian president’s remarks prompted laughter in the room from both delegations.
For his part, Bolton expressed hope that he could answer Putin’s questions but quipped that he “didn’t bring the olive branch” with him. “I thought so,” Putin shot back, prompting more laughter in the room.
Putin is set to hold talks with Trump on November 11 during his upcoming trip to Paris, Kremlin aid Yuri Ushakov said Tuesday, citing the outcome of the president’s meeting with Bolton.

source: sputniknews.com