Putin, Trump may discuss reports of US plane leading attack on Hmeymim Base

The Russian airbase was attacked by 13 combat drones simultaneously

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin stated earlier today that Russia’s Hmeymim Air Base in Syria had been subjected to a massive drone attack, with unmanned aerial vehicles piloted by a US Poseidon 8 surveillance aircraft.

“This is very alarming data, of course, no one here should have any doubts about the conclusions, an appropriate analysis, will be carried out by our military, in fact, even before this publication was carried out. In this case, only the military can provide these details,” Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists.

Responding to a question about the political consequences of the incident and the possibility of discussing it at the Putin-Trump meeting, which may take place on November 11, the Kremlin spokesman noted that “this cannot be ruled out.”

The Russian airbase was attacked by 13 combat drones simultaneously, with a US Poseidon 8 aircraft flying over the Mediterranean Sea for about eight hours at that time, according to the Russian Deputy Defense Minister.

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