Rain washes off heat-preventing coating from Athens road (PHOTO)

The coating did not have enough time to settle and stick to the asphalt, and…

The enthusiasm lasted less than 24 hours, as a hard rain washed off the heat reflective material that was used to pave a central street in Athens as part of a pilot program.

The innovative white coating used to reduce the heat from the sun hitting the asphalt has been used in Los Angeles with success. The City of Athens decided to try the material — called CoolSeal — in central Athens roads.

The material is similar to paint and deflects the sun rays, thereby reducing the heat on the asphalt pavement. The reflective asphalt coating is specially designed to improve climatic conditions.

The City of Athens crews chose Sunday to pave Voreou Street, a side road in the busy center of Athens. Since stores were closed and there was very little traffic, it would be ideal for the material to settle.

However, a strong rain later that night destroyed the coating that did not have enough time to settle and stick to the asphalt.


Source: Philip Chrysopoulos/greekreporter