Real Madrid – Juventus 1-3 (agg. 4-3) – The ref chose the winner at the end! (VIDEOS)

Shocking development…

The first two teams of this year’s Champions League semifinals are Roma, with its epic qualification against Barcelona, and Liverpool that beat Manchester City.

Real Madrid – Juventus

Only in the second minute, Mandzukic gave Juventus a 0-1 lead. The Italians seem to believe they can qualify after their 0-3 defeat.

In the 37th minute, however, almost, in the same way, the Croatian striker did 0-2!

In the 59th minute, Costa curled in a cross from the left. It should have been easy pickings for Navas but the goalkeeper dropped it at the feet of Matuidi who scored the 0-3.

In the 93rd minute, Real won a controversial penalty and after five minutes of anger and protests, with Buffon being thrown out and Szczesny sitting under the goalposts. Ronaldo scored and sent Real to the semi-finals.

The way Ronaldo celebrated the goal gave a very bad impression to many.

This penalty will be discussed a lot…