Refugee children ‘pimped’ by adults at Hellinikon hotspot in Attica

10 police offficers guard 6,000 refugees and migrants

The Mayor of Alimos, Andreas Kondylis made some serious accusation to, alleging refugee children were being pandered at the Hellinikon refugee hotspot. Kondylis said that council sources were aware of refugee minors being prostituted at night by adults in the hotspot, espacially on Fridays and Saturdays.

Alimos is located in the north of Attica, and the former international airport of Hellinikon, which is under the municipality’s jurisdiction, has been transformed into a refugee hotspot for 6,000 refugees and migrants. “We have a lot of information and complaints that at a specific area in the hotspot, over Poseidonos Avenue in a sideway near the bus terminal there is child prostitution going on by the refugees being hosted’, he said.

‘Police have confirmed this to me, but as you can understand I am unable to disclose their names’, Kondylis said, while complaining about the deployment of only 10 police officers to guard thousands of refugees and migrants.