Release Athens music festival cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic

The organisers said those ho had purchased tickets would soon be informed on what to do

Following the news of the cancellation of the Ejekt Festival in Athens for the summer, the organisers of another popular rock event, Release Athens, informed the public that it would also call off its schedule summer event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is one of the most famous and popular summer festivals with different headliners scheduled to appear in June and July. This year, fans were expecting to see bands and artists such as Massive Attack, Pet Shop Boys, Judas Priest, Sofi Tukker and Parov Stelar.

The organisers announced that there would soon be posting clarifications for those who had already purchased tickets:

Dear friends of release Athens. After the Prime Minister’s address, on 28.4, and the clarifications of the responsible administrative and health services, all our hope for the release Athens 2020, even in part, has been lost. We have worked very hard for a whole year, and we have tried to exhaust whatever chances we had in the face of an unprecedented world-scale situation. Both we and all the artists, with whom we are in constant communication, want to express our deep regret for this unpleasant development. However, the safety of all of us – contributors, employees, partners – was, is and will remain our top priority, above anything else. We are now going directly to the next day’s planning. The wish of all artists who would take part in the festival this year, as well as ours, is to participate in the release Athens 2021 by, with the addition of many more, a really great line-up that will excite every music. We will need some time to balance the appearances of so many names, always in relation to their obligations around the world, but we will succeed, promising that the result will pay you to the fullest. We will be back soon with more clarifications. Until then, stay safe and optimistic, you and your loved ones.

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