Report: Turkish tourists cancelling Lesvos holiday due to … migrants

Three-fourths of reservations for vacation during upcoming Muslim holiday cancelled

In the “strange but true” category, media reports from the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos (Lesbos) have nearly three-fourths of the Turkish tourists that booked holidays on the island for a coming Muslim holiday cancelling due to the … migrant crisis.

Greece’s state-run news agency quotes a noted travel agent on the island, who specializes in Turkish tourists, as stating that:

“Those who arrived over the past week for two to three days leave on the same day, cancelling overnight stays and everything else they had arranged on the island. Everyone says they cannot stay on Lesvos for the holiday due to the situation created in the city center, especially at the port,” Aris Lazaris was quoted as saying.

The travel agent added, ominously, that it is unknown how many of the 1,000 Turkish tourists of those that didn’t cancel will actually remain on the island.

He cited a letter he received from major tourist agency in Izmir, which he said is owned by the vice-president of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB), which relates how Lesvos as a tourist destination has collapsed in neighboring Turkey “due to the large number of migrants and the impact of their presence on life in Lesvos.”

Of course, if true, the report qualifies as a “salt in the wound” development, given that the vast majority of Third World nationals that have or are continuing to illegally enter Greece via the islands – refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, undocumented migrants, irregular migrants, would-be economic migrants etc. – are also disembarking from Turkey!