Reporter’s naked husband goes viral on Internet (video)

The reporter was filing a piece on cutting hair amid the Covid-19 lockdown

Many journalists have been forced to adapt to the new ways of filing reports from within their homes, but one reporter offered a little more insight into her private life that she would have hoped.

Melinda Meza, a KCRA reporter recorded a broadcast from her bathroom about cutting the fringes off hair while isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic. But what Meza had probably not meant to do was give the public a view of her naked husband taking a shower in the background.

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The broadcast cut back to a KCRA anchor who hilariously uttered, “Oh she is brave!” also seemingly unaware of what was happening in the background.

Nothing gets by the ever-watchful eye of the Internet and the mishap, unsurprisingly, trended on YouTube with countless views.