Right-wing people are happier with their sex lives, survey finds

It’s all about ideology, apparently…


Conservatives are happier with their sex lives than Left-wing people, a YouGov survey has found.

People on the Right of the political spectrum were the most satisfied with their sex life, with those who describe themselves as “very Right-wing” the happiest.

In a survey of more than 19,000 people in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark, YouGov found that very Right-wing people were the most likely to be sexually satisfied, but those on the centre-Right were less likely to be happy than centrists.

In the UK, around 73 per cent of people who classify themselves as “very Right-wing” said they were satisfied with their sex life, compared to 68 per cent of “very left wing” people and 66 per cent of “Left-wing” people.

“There are obviously numerous factors that might explain an individual’s sexual happiness and this study does not suggest that changing your political views would make you happier in bed,” Joe Twyman, YouGov’s head of political and social research, told BuzzFeed.

The survey also showed that British people are overall more satisfied with their lives the further right on the political spectrum they are.

Around 71 per cent of “very right wing” people say they are satisfied with their life, compared to around 62 per cent of “very left wing” people.

In France, however, it is Left-wing people who are the most happy, with those who define themselves as “Right-wing” the least happy, with just 57 per cent saying they are satisfied with their lot.

Source: telegraph.co.uk