Rihanna’s evening dip in Rio

Photos of the young superstar’s latest escapades

She set foot on Rio de Janeiro on Friday and everything suggests that even though she’s attending the Brazilian city for the World Cup final, Rihanna seems to have launched her own party!

On Friday night, she began drinking beer on her hotel balcony, and then she walked the streets, surrounded by the fans.

But since we’re talking about the singer from the Barbados islands,  she couldn’t make her Saturday night similar to Friday.

For this reason, the 26 year-old superstar wore her leopard bikini, got her friends with her and went for an evening swim! Together with her close friend Jennifer Rosales, she “dared” to get into the cold –but for many infected- waters of Rio while the rest of the gang looked on.

Besides, it wasn’t even for a normal swim, since she was careful not to wet her face, having gone there with make-up and eyeliner!

Apart from the paparazzi who took pictures of her, Rihanna posted a picture of herself on Instagmar posing with a lustful style and saying “Nobody is better than me and my Jhat”.

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