Rio Carnival 2018: The hottest outfits of the famous festival! (SEXY PHOTOS)

Rio Carnival has taken to the streets once again in Rio de Janeiro with the most elaborate & outlandish outfits in the world on display

Rio Carnival attracts approximately two million people every year from across the globe!


Taking place in Rio de Janeiro, every year people take to the streets with raunchy outfits, sensual dance moves and fantastic parades.


Marking the start of Lent it is thought to celebrate with the parades and floats that take place on a grand scale.


How did the festival start? The first parade is thought to have taken place in 1723.


Samba schools joined in 1928, which is when many of the famous costumes and floats took over.


Communities in Rio became part of the carnival with choreographed routines to celebrate.


The introduction of the Rio Sambadrome was created in 1984, which is how the carnival has continued to have evolved from since.


The 2018 parade began on the 9 February, due to end on 13 February, kicking off with large orchestras playing music for the dancers to entertain the crowds with.


Many of the outfits feature very little clothing, yet are bejewelled with gems, stones and glitter.


Different animals are often represented by the outfits and the dance.


Some dancers opt for small outfits consisting of a bedazzled thong and gems on their breasts whilst others opt for a more covered up costumes representing Gods to celebrate.


Source: express