Roaring water streams flood roads, as extreme weather hits northern Greece (videos-photos)

Heavy rainfalls have caused disruption of traffic and disasters

Northern Greece is experiencing severe weather phenomena, as many areas are facing problems due to heavy rainfall.

The extreme has hot the region of Evros in the north-east of the country, where plains and roads have been flooded by the substantial rainfall. Traffic on the Feron-Alexandroupolis road at the height of the airport in both directions streams has been closed.

Several students were transported to their houses with land machinery vehicles, due to the conditions.

Karditsa, which is still recovering from the recent bad weather caused by “Ianos”, is again faced with severe weather phenomena, while significant disasters have also been reported in the neighbouring region of Trikala in Thessaly.

Videos in Thrace show flood streams roaring through rural lands and roads.

Traffic in the settlement of Provatonas has been suspended by authorities due to the severe weather conditions that have hit Evros in the last twenty-four hours. In addition, the traffic of vehicles has been stopped at “Ktima Vassilis” and on the bridge on the provincial road Alexandroupoli-Avanta.

The Municipality of Soufli is facing many problems where mainly in the mountainous area of M. Dereios some houses have reportedly been flooded. Inhabitants of the village have been evacuated and gathered in the church of Mikro Derios.

The municipal authority has already come in direct contact with the Civil Protection at the local and central level, in order to have immediate interventions where needed.

Two cemeteries at Alexandroupolis have been flooded.

The region of Trikala is experiencing great problems, and as reports, the Pinios river is steadily swelling carrying large quantities of water and sediments from the mountains of the surrounding region. It has oveflowed along the entire length of its riverbed on the bridge of Diava, at the point where the old bridge had collapsed 5 years ago.

Meteorologists have forecast the severe weather is likely to cause snowfall in some areas of Attica on Thursday night.