Ronan Farrow reveals how he “turned” Black Cube investigator shadowing him during Weinstein Probe

In an excerpt from the new book, New Yorker writer says Israeli private intelligence agency was misled by the Hollywood producer when he hired the firm

In an excerpt from his upcoming book “Catch and Kill,” New Yorker journalist Ronan Farrow recounts how he turned an investigator working for the Black Cube private intelligence agency into his own source of information for his own probe into the firm and film producer Harvey Weinstein.

With Farrow’s assistance, the investigator eventually turned to the legal authorities and volunteered to be a witness regarding Black Cube’s U.S. operations. The firm was founded and is staffed with former Israeli intelligence operatives from the Mossad and other agencies, and is based in London and Tel Aviv.

The account includes the story of a botched escapade involving what appears to be work done for the Israeli cyberintelligence company NSO Group, regarding charges by the Canadian research institute Citizen Lab that NSO software was used in the Jamal Khashoggi killing in October 2018.

In the excerpt published Monday, Farrow cites sources “close to the Black Cube operation” claiming that the company was initially misled by the now-disgraced Weinstein as to his intentions when he hired it in October 2016. They believed they had been “hired to counter a negative campaign against Weinstein and expected that the work would concentrate on his business rivals.”

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