Rosie O’Donnell calls for army to remove Trump from White House on MSNBC (video)

The strange thing is that she is offered a platform on a mainstream media to voice such divisive views

Comedian Rosie O’Donnell, a vehement critic of President Trump, said Thursday she would like to see the U.S. military remove him from the White House.

“I want to send the military to the White House to get him,” O’Donnell said on MSNBC, as host Nicolle Wallace discussed Trump’s threats to have the military “close” the U.S.-Mexico border amid reports a massive migrant caravan is en route to the area.

The former talk show host also reflected on a previous suggestion to impose martial law to delay President Trump’s inauguration.

“When he was elected, what I wrote on Twitter was we should impose martial law until we make sure the Russians weren’t involved in the final tallies of the vote,” she said. “People were like, ‘Martial law? What’s wrong with you? You’re a lunatic.'”

For years, O’Donnell and Trump have been engaged in a bitter feud.

She said Thursday that the night he won the presidency, she “got physically sick.”

“It took me a good year to compose myself to be in public again,” she said. “I took a year out of the spotlight.”

Her comments prompted many on Twitter to question whether the comedian had gone too far by effectively calling for a coup d’etat. Some wondered if she was liable for treason after her comments.

What is troubling is that while social media platforms are quick to scrurtinise and censor any tweet that they deemed to be non-politically correct, mainstream media uncritically host, and even condone in jest, such divisive and extreme views.