Russia reassures no beer shortage in World Cup

Fans should be at ease…

Beer and football seem to go hand-in-hand for fans at the FIFA World Cup 2018. So much so that that World Cup hosts, Russia, were quick to dispel rumours that the precious beverage was running out in some areas. “Russian brewery plants have been properly prepared to meet the high demand for beer during the World Cup in Russia so that fans will not feel any shortage of their favourite drink”, said the Deputy Chairman of the National Association of Guardians of Gastronomical Heritage and Tourism “Oztag” Oleg Alexeyev.

Russia, traditionally a vodka drinking nation, has not seen great business for its beers in the last 30 years. According to a report, this has been due to strict diktats regarding the advertising and sale of the alcohol, as well as the rising costs of the duty levied on it. However, while restaurants and pubs have spoke about the shortage, beer companies have a different take on the situation.

Heineken had only good news to give in terms of the progress of sales during the FIFA World Cup 2018 and assured Reuters that it did not foresee any issues in the near future. However, Carlsberg’s Russian arm, Baltika, admitted that though they did run the risk of incurring supply troubles, they had not been affected so far.