Russian “cannibal couple” detained after “eating” up to 30 victims since 1999

The man had taken pictures posing with the body parts of a dismembered woman!


Russia’s southern Krasnodarsky Region has awoken to horrifying news about a pair of cannibals that could be responsible for up to 30 grisly murders, according to the local police.

It is estimated that the suspects may be responsible for up to 30 deaths, although police could only identify seven victims so far.

Parts of some of the victims were stowed in the fridge, the couple confessed.

The couple had reportedly been involved in kidnapping, murdering and eating their victims since 1999.

The man was detained earlier in September after the remains of a woman were found in a military dormitory. A bucket with the parts of the dead female, as well as a bag presumably belonging to the victim, were also found.

A mobile phone was later discovered in a street in the city of Krasnodar containing the disturbing photographs of the man posing with the body parts of a dismembered woman.

The man initially denied having killed the woman, saying merely he had found the remains and took a selfie with them, but later lost the mobile phone.