“Russian Orthodox Church” in occupied northern Cyprus speads pro-Turkish propaganda?

The Church says there is no oppression of Christians in the occupied part of Cyprus

An Orthodox Church self-identifying as the “The Russian Orthodox Church of Northern Cyprus”, is operating in the occupied territory of Northern Cyprus, and specifically in Kyrenia. The “liturgies” take place at the Church of St. George (Pano Kyrenia) and the Virgin Mary in the village of Klepini.

The “Russian Orthodox Church of Northern Cyprus” has a priest named Alexei Ivanov, who was ordained in 2014 at the Metropolitan of Odessa occupied by Agafangel Pashkovsky, head of the Russian Orthodox Church. Father Alexei Ivanov was born in 1973 and lived in the northern part of Cyprus a few years before being ordained.

As philenews.com reports, the “Russian Orthodox Church of Northern Cyprus” has its own website (https://pravkipr.ru) that states: “It is very gratifying that a functioning Russian Orthodox Church appeared in Northern Cyprus. Orthodox, who already live in Northern Cyprus or plan to move here permanently, have a wonderful opportunity to live a full spiritual Christian life by visiting the Russian Orthodox Church in Kyrenia: Confess, receive communion. The mysteries of Christ, to be baptised, to marry “.

Surprisingly, the site also does propaganda in favour of the illegal “Northern Cypriot Republic”, only recognised by Turkey, writing: “Few know that the Cypriot Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church do not consider it necessary to support the many thousands of Russian Orthodox Christians and Christians in general who give the impression that Christians in general and Orthodox Christians, in particular, are subject to persecution and oppression in Northern Cyprus. I thank God that this is not true since almost all Christian doctrines operate officially in Northern Cyprus: the Anglican Church, the Catholic Church, various Protestant doctrines, and now the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia. ”
A reliable source inside the Cypriot Orthodox Church expressed concern pointing out that the founding of the “Russian Orthodox Church of Northern Cyprus” means:

⦁ Abolition of the autocephaly of the Church of Cyprus.
⦁ Incursion in the jurisdiction of another Church.
⦁ Recognition of the illegal occupation authorities.
⦁ Looting of churches and property of the local Church.
⦁ The regular Church of Cyprus is not mentioned.

The issue is very serious and should concern the Metropolitan of Kyrenia and the Council, the same source noted.