S. Africa: Closing the borders to travelers due to ‘high risk’ of Ebola

The entry of travelers from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone will not be allowed – Exceptions will only be made in cases where the entry is “absolutely necessary”

The South African authorities because of fears about the spread of the Ebola virus which causes hemorrhagic fever, will close the borders for foreign travelers from three countries of ‘high risk’ -the Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone- as announced by the government today, adding that exceptions will be made only in cases where the entry is “absolutely necessary.”

The deadly virus has killed at least 1,350 people so far this year compared to the three small states of West Africa. The Ebola has now spread to Nigeria which is the country with the largest economy in Africa, and in which have been reported five fatal cases.

Travelers from Nigeria, where the risk is much smaller may normally enter the country.

According to a government announcement Also the citizens of South Africa who return from the three states at risk will be allowed to enter the country, but will be required to complete a detailed questionnaire and undergo a full medical exam. The South African government also considers Ethiopia and Kenya as countries of ‘medium risk’.

In South Africa has not yet recorded any outbreak of Ebola. There were however two false alarms in a case of South Africans who returned from Liberia and a citizen of Guinea.