Sadist fake doctor allegedly electrocuted 88 women

He is facing 88 counts of attempted murder

An alleged sex pest is facing 88 counts of attempted murder after convincing a number of women – some as young as 15 – to shock themselves with a deadly 230 volts of electricity.

Known only as David G. due to privacy laws, the 30-year-old posed as a scientist claiming to pay the girls around £2,500 for the bizarre “experiments.”

David G. from Rimpar, Germany posted adverts looking for participants for a “scientific study” to eBay, using the name Dr. Christian Vogel.

He promised to pay participants – but none of the girls ever received any money, it is reported.

The “studies” were conducted over Skype, and would involve a young woman hooking up her feet to electrical mains through a complicated series of wires, metal spoons and a metal nail between her toes.

The sex scam was only exposed when one the 16-year-old alleged “participant” collapsed and lost consciousness on three separate occasions due to the deathly dangerous amount of electricity.

The teen informed the hospital staff who then contacted the police.

Cops found over 100 videos of the “experiments,” all of the young women’s feet and all administering large amounts of electricity into their bodies.

It is alleged that David G. had a “foot fetish.”

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