Samaras-Tsipras: Head-on collision on debt and the euro

SYRIZA: The people of Greece know what we stand for, that’s why they have come to trust us

Prime Minister Samaras, on the offensive against SYRIZA, stated that it drives the country directly to bankruptcy.

Upon being asked to comment on Mr. Tolios’ statement that no interest will be paid during paying off the national debt, Mr. Samaras explicitly said that the opposition party is driving the country head-on to bankruptcy.

‘’They will drive us to bankruptcy’’, the PM stated clearly on his way out of Maximos Mansion at noon, Wednesday.
Responding to the question of whether he has heard SYRIZA executives’ statements and their refusal to pay interest and borrowing repayments, he replied : ‘’ I most surely heard of it last night, as it was well kept in hiding by Mr. Tsipras until then. This is a decision made in their conference, and it is one which commits them all to driving the country to a standstill of all payments and eventually to bankruptcy’’.

Mr. Samaras went on commenting the decision of their Congress which includes “no payment of interest nor making any amortization payments, which is binding on all. In other words to drive the country in default and bankruptcy”.

On the other side of the coin, Aris Tolios, a member of SYRIZA central committee, states that no interest should be paid when dealing with the national debt and decidedly so. Further on, he stated that even a referendum should not be ruled out as a possibility

SYRIZA: The people of Greece are in no need of Samaras’ ‘’revealing statements’’.

The opposition party professes that its political standing is well known, something which has earned it the people’s trust. In this way, SYRIZA responds to Mr. Samaras’ claims.

More specifically, the announcement is as follows:

Mr. Samaras has clearly been taken over by panic, and this is obvious in every single statement he makes. Everyone knows where our party stands, so nobody needs to be informed about our positions, especially by Mr. Samaras. Owing to our political proposals, we have been credited with society’s full support.

What remains indelible on the memory of the Greek people is the agreement between Mr. Samaras and the Troika before the 2012 election, an incident which Mr. Samaras concealed, while openly talking about a re-negotiation. The people also know, through the famous Hardouvelis mail, that even know he has committed himself to implementing a new memorandum.

How longer will Mr. Samaras continue to reduce himself is something we don’t know.