Santorini: 17th-century wine caves transformed into luxury hotel suites

The caves that were built to produce and store wine were turned into a luxury hotel which is set in the side of a mountain in Santorini

The luxurious hotel “Canaves Oia Suites” located on Santorini is built in the caves, which were used for the production and storage of wine 400 years ago, and is now among the top 25 luxury hotels in Greece.

The journalist of Daily Mail, Carol Driver, traveled to Santorini and stayed at the five-star hotel. She stated that she was very impressed by both Santorini and the hotel’s uniqueness.

“Boasting a white-washed design, and breathtaking panorama of the caldera and crystal-clear Aegean Sea, the five-star resort, which dates back to the 17th century, mixes contemporary style with Greek architecture” providing a unique experience to visitors.


Also, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the view of Caldera and the amazing waters of Aegean Sea, while they can also use the “infinity” swimming pool of the hotel.


The journalist was mainly impressed by the way 400-year-old caves were turned into a luxurious and stunning hotel.

The hotel has 24 amazing suites; a honeymoon suite, junior suites and spacious rooms and all have a great view!


The owner explains to the Daily Mail that it was his parents who first started the business in 1985. “They started with four suites, four canaves – cave houses that they used to make wine in the old days”.

Since then, the property has been renovated twice, but without losing the Greek architecture style, while, as the owner said, the hotel is popular with VIP guests and many of them are on the Forbes Rich List, without though revealing their names!