Saudi Arabia’s fashion show with drones instead of women goes viral! (videos)

Dresses were hung on drones!

Saudi Arabia broke down barriers in the fashion industry when it held its first ever fashion week earlier this year.
However, it seems that there is still a way to go after a video has emerged of the very unusual models chosen for one of the show.
The clip of the catwalk show was shared on Twitter by user Jina on Wednesday and sees clothes make their way down the runway via drone.
Hung from the airborne machine, the bodyless ensembles have been compared to a ‘ghost fashion show’ on social media.
According to reports, no female models were used because male audience members were present, proving an issue when it came to the country’s modesty customs.
However, many were left in stitches by the unusual means of displaying the clothes.
Sharing the video Jina wrote: ‘I’m dying at this fashion show in Saudi, they weren’t allowed female models.’
The tweet has thus far amassed more than 79,000 likes and 54,000 retweets in the 24 hours since it has been shared with many of her followers finding it equally amusing.
One wrote: ‘I was wondering what would look good hanging from my drone next season.’
Meanwhile, another likened the ghostly image to Harry Potter creatures dementors, commenting: ‘Where’d they get the models? Hogwarts?’
However, while many saw the funny side others were quick to remark on how uncomfortable they found the footage.
One wrote: ‘Saudi Arabia, where drones have more rights than women’.