Scary moment of a shark trapped on board a boat trying to escape! (video)

Crew finally free shark

An incredible video has emerged of a huge shark trying to wiggle from a fishing boat after jumping on board.
In the clip, taken off the coast of Long Island in New York state, fisherman look on in horror as the mako shark writhes around on the deck of the boat with its body trapped beneath the guard-rail.
The shark’s mouth become bloodied after it had bit the rail several times as it struggles to release itself.
The sea creature was only released after an innovative idea from one of the crew members paid off.
Captain Don Law, from Outlaw Fishing Charters, tied rope around the shark’s fin while another crew member kept its head facing the ocean by hooking it with fishing line.
The video then cuts to the shark being lowered into the water and Don cutting the rope to release back into its natural habitat.


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