School activity asks students to decide who to let die: A gay, an immigrant or a racist

Parents protest over the activity, while school administrators stand behind the exercise

Administrators with Cuyahoga Falls Schools are investigating a questionnaire that came to their attention Thursday morning after parents called a local councilman with concerns.

The questionnaire was distributed to students at Roberts Middle School in the district as part of a classroom “Whom To Leave Behind” exercise.

It instructs students to choose between a list of twelve hypothetical people; students were asked to select eight of them as passengers on a space ship to another planet “because tomorrow the planet Earth is doomed.”

The assignment states: “Your task is to select the Eight (8) passengers who will make the trip. On your own, take approximately 5 minutes and rank order of the passengers from one to twelve based on those who you feel are most deserving to make the trip with one being most
deserving and twelve being least deserving…”

The choices on the questionnaire include: an accountant with a substance abuse problem, a militant African-American medical student, a 33 year old female Native American manager who does not speak English, the accountant’s pregnant wife, a famous novelist with a physical disability, a 21 year old female Muslim international student, a Hispanic clergyman who is against homosexuality, a female movie star who was recently the victim of a sexual assault, a racist armed police officer who has been accused of using excessive force, a homosexual male professional athlete, an Asian orphaned 12 year old boy, or a 60-year old Jewish university administrator.