Schulz to Athens: It’s not about making headlines; act in citizens’ best interest

It’s now time to fulfill Eurogroup deal and for Athens to attract investments

European Parliament President Martin Schulz sent his very pointed message to the leftist Greek government through a report on Linkedin.

As Schulz explains: “It’s not about making headlines, but doing something useful and acti in citizens’ best interest.”

According to the Europarliament president, it’s now time to fulfill the Eurogroup deal and for Athens to develop specific measures to attract investments, increase tax revenue by combating tax evasion, improve the efficiency of public administration and maintain a privatization program.

“The program agreed to will serve to restore the confidence,” he said.

Furthermore, he explains that there are three factors, which if used wisely, will boost Greece.

Firstly, the election of a government that is willing to deal with tax evasion and fraud.

Secondly, that the EU is beginning to understand the impact of extreme austerity.

And last, but not least, that the EU now has a very specific investment project on the horizon.