Scientists might’ve found the most dangerous place in Earth’s history

A true “no-go zone”!

About 100 million years ago, Earth was a terrifying place. That’s according to a new paper in ZooKeys, which analyzed fossils from an area in southeastern Morocco also known as the Kem Kem beds. It was here that prehistoric animals such as “cartilaginous and bony fishes, turtles, crocodyliforms, pterosaurs, and dinosaurs” used to freely roam and hunt.

These creatures might not sound like anything out of the ordinary, but the local fauna also tended to be quite massive and ferocious. A news release reveals that among some of the fossils analyzed were “three of the largest predatory dinosaurs ever known.” They included the sabre-toothed Carcharodontosaurus saharicus, Deltadromeus agilis (a quick-moving raptor), and “crocodile-like hunters”.

According to Nizar Ibrahim, lead author and researcher, “this was arguably the most dangerous place in the history of planet Earth”.

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