Scottish holidaymaker films huge whirlpool just meters from his balcony on the coast of Corfu

The powerful spinning mass of water was several metres in diameter

A Scottish holidaymaker filmed the incredible moment a huge whirlpool was whipped up by strong winds on the Corfu coast just metres from the balcony of his getaway home.

Kieran Dickson had just arrived to the seaside village of Kassiopi, Corfu, when he saw the powerful winds causing the waves to spin around, creating a whirlpool several metres in diameter.


A short clip of the phenomenon, which Mr Dickson said lasted for five minutes, shows the dangerous spiral of water off the northeast point of the Greek island.


Although hoping for a holiday filled with sun, sea, and sand, the Scot soon realised he might have had better weather if he had stayed in the UK.


The rotating mass of water in the Adriatic Sea looked to be gaining speed as the wind picked up around the cameraman.

A towel left out on Mr Dickson’s balcony flapped wildly in the breeze, while foliage to the left of the holiday home threatened to be uprooted by the turbulent weather.

Mr Dickson shared the video on Facebook and said: ‘Left the sunshine in Scotland and arrived to this weather in Corfu!’

Cables from a telegraph pole in front of the house swayed viciously backwards and forwards in the high winds.

Insects flitting in front of the camera made no headway at all as they tried to avoid being swept up in the whipping winds.