Search for the Treasure of Lima & wealth beyond measure

Most of the listed treasures are confirmed to have belonged to the Cathedral in Lima, notably the fabled life-sized figure of the Virgin Mary cast from solid gold…


We all remember how the daring, thrilling novels of pirates, buried treasures, and exciting swashbuckling sparked our imagination when we were kids. The iconic novels such as “Treasure Island” by Robert Luis Stevenson, or “Peter and Wendy,” “Desert Island,” and “Billy Budd,” have all transformed our childhoods and made us dream of grand adventures. But what about the fact that hides behind the fiction? What about the real-life adventures of pirates and hidden gold?

Today we are exploring a real-life inspiration behind these fictional adventures, as we examine the story of the fabled Treasure of Lima. What secrets lie in the mysterious tropical islands of the Pacific? And will the secrets of legendary Inca gold hoards ever be uncovered?

Enemy at the Gates – The Catholic Church Attempts to Save the Treasure of Lima

The story of Lima’s greatest treasure begins sometime in the 16th century when the Spanish conquerors finally managed to subdue the Inca and set up their rule of Lima and the territories of the preceding Inca Empire. Now, the main desire of the Spanish in their conquests was gold. And if the Inca had large quantities of something, it was gold.

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