Series of violations of Athens FIR by Turkish fighter jets on Thursday

Not even the coronavirus outbreak is enough to stop Turkey’s provocative stance

A pair of Turkish military aircraft violated the Athens Flight Information Region (FIR) on Thursday and flew over the northeastern Greek island of Chios at 6,700 feet at 13:57, while a minute later they flew over the islands of Oinousses at the same altitude.

Following this, more Turkish military aircraft violated the Athens FIR at 14:04 and flew over southern Chios at 15,000 feet.

A number of further violations followed:

– at 14:48, a pair of Turkish F-16 flew over Panaghia island at 33,000 feet

– at 14:56, another pair of Turkish fighter jets flew over Oinousses at 33,000 feet and finally ,

– at 15:05 a third pair of Turkish F-16s flew over the southeastern part of Lesvos at 33,000 feet.

In all the above cases the Turkish fighter jets were recognized and intercepted by Greek planes, according to international rules.

Source: a.p.e.

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