Sex reassignment bill in doubt! Government loses 153 majority

Totality of artcle 3 in jeopardy

The totality of the bill on gender reassignment is in doubt after the government refused to withdraw the provision that allows the sex change for teenagers at 15, a clause included in article 3 that also covers sex change for adults. Currently the government does not have the required majority to pass the bill, as the minor coalition partner of right party ANEL will not support the provision by abstaining from the procedure, while 5 SYRIZA MPs have not decided their position yet. Meanwhile, the Democratic Alignment will also vote against the provision, according to sources, with the POTAMI party being the only ally left that will support the clause. As things stand now, the specific provision has the support of only 144 MPs from SYRIZA (including the 5 lawmakers that are not clear) and 6 from POTAMI. The Greek parliament is in session discussing the bill, with the controversial under-aged sex transition clause causing a great uproar as the Greek Orthodox Church had blasted the intention of the government to allow teenagers to change sex at such a young age.