Sex shop sends toys to women to vote in US elections

The owner says the initiative is not favouring either Republican or Democratic voters

A sex shop in Montana has started sending free sex toys to women who pledge to vote in the upcoming US election on Tuesday 3 November.

Billy McWilliams, who owns a shop called Erotique in Bozeman, Montana, explained that he plans to send out 2,200 of either red, white, or blue vibrators to women across the country.

Mr. McWilliams, 60, added that he is not favouring either Republican or Democratic voters with his initiative.

“It’s not a Republican orgasm or a Democrat orgasm, it’s an American orgasm,” he said. “Someone has to help us come together.”

The vibrators that Mr. McWilliams is sending will be dispatched along with stickers that read “I came and I voted”.

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“They are bullet vibrators and retail at around $12.95 (£10),” he said.

“It’s small, it’s powerful, it takes a triple A battery and it comes in red, white and blue.”

Mr. McWilliams says he has given away 400 of the products in what he is calling “the Great American Orgasm”.

“In these stressful times, everybody needs a little or a big orgasm – what the heck else are they doing?” he said. “This is our COVID stress relief.

“I also think it’s an important election and the more people who vote, the better for our democracy.”