Sexy Maggie is proof time is relative (photos)

The hot 53-year-old looks as hot as ever

Maggie Charalambidou is still one of the sexiest women in Greek showbiz. The brunette bombshell might be 53, but she definitely doesn’t look it judging from her appearance.

The well-known radio producer and DJ, uploads frequently on Instagram flaunting her beautiful body, and her fans are definitely not disappointed.

In her latest posts, she shared a few photos posing in her sexy lingerie and having with the beautiful vista of Santorini as the backdrop.

In the caption, Maggie Charalambidou says “Wonderful day 💋 💋
Good morning, great company !!! 😍
Isn’t the view from above magical? Infinite blue 💕 on our plate 💋 How to resist and not immortalize it? 😜”

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