Sexy Rosanna Arkle is getting paid 2100 Euros! (SIZZLING PHOTOS)

The hot model was quite revealing as to how much money she charges…

Sexy Rosanna Arkle was particularly revealing regarding one of her basic activities that earned her a lot of money…



She managed to turn her social media and Instagram posts into a full-time job, which earns her up to 2100 euros for her every post!


The 28-year-old beauty has already 3.1 million followers at Instagram and earns thousands of Euros by placing products on her photos, drinking protein drinks, brushing her teeth or drinking Fiji water among many others.


According to Rosanna, these are four tips that will help you:

1. Post between 6:30 and 9 in the evening, or early in the morning before going to work.
2. Interact with followers, such as asking questions like “Where are my followers” or asking them to tag their friends.
3. Invest in a good quality camera with WiFi to send pictures directly to your cell phone.
4. Make sure your photos are of good quality.


According to Rosanna’s statistics, you’ll have to earn about one (1) Euro for every 1000 followers you have at each post that includes product advertising.