Sexy Russian ice skater nearly shows all in see-through outfit (video-photos)

Just wow!

Ice skating is artistic, athletic, graceful and pleasing to the eye. Sometimes the outfits chosen by the athletes can tickle the imagination as they are very revealing and sensual.
But the appearance of Russian ice skater Alexandra Stepanova left fans with their jaws dropped, as the beautiful athlete gave them a whole lot to see.
Delivering an emotional routine at the European Championships Gala Show, Alexandra had a see-through costume becoming an object of keen interest.

Skating to a famous Russian song, “The Candle was Burning” by Alla Pugacheva, Stepanova and her skating partner Ivan Bukin showed their tender and mesmerising routine convincingly taking on the roles of lovers who were telling the spectators their love story on the ice of Minsk-Arena in the Belarusian capital.

However, it was not so much the hot routine that drew the majority of attention from the fans, but Stepanova’s curve-hugging and almost see-through black suit, which shone under the lights of projectors highlighting the skater’s most – ahem – ‘delicate’ feature.