Sexy Yoga teacher reveals she is 40-years-old & a grandma! (photos)

Young men say she is a “hot grandma”, she said

A California yoga teacher has shocked her Instagram followers by revealing she’s actually a hot grandmother who’s just turned 40.

Alice Vasquez told her 27,000 Instagram followers that she was ‘#fab40’ on May 2, which came as a surprise to many who unsurprisingly mistook her for being decades younger based on the pictures she’s shared.

Vasquez told Daily Star that she decided to reveal that she’s 40 years old ‘to inspire women my age that we don’t have to hide behind feeing [sic] older and people have responded in a very positive way.’

Vasquez said that she has spent $60,000 on plastic surgery in her effort to maintain her youthful appearance.

The work has apparently paid off as she was quote telling Fabulous Digital that young men call her a ‘GILF, which means ‘grandma I’d like to f***’ and also a ‘hot grandma.’

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