Shark rips off tourist’s breast and both hands in horrific attack

The attack happened while she was swimming with dolphins

A tourist swimming with dolphins has lost both her hands and her breast in a shark attack. The woman, 35, had been in a lagoon in French Polynesia with her family, including her six-year-old son who witnessed the attack.

They were there on a whale watching trip and had left the lagoon to follow dolphins in the open sea when the shark struck on October 21. French station Radio 1 report that when she was taken back to shore, she was still conscious and asked: ‘But why did you take me there if it was not safe?’ She was given first aid at a nearby hotel before being taken to Taaone Hospital hospital, where her condition is now stable according to reports. A witness told the radio station: ‘I saw this woman who had no arms, the arm on the left side was hanging down and her hand was hanging. Her rib on her right-hand side was also swollen. It was a huge panic for everyone.’

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