Shell representatives at the presidential palace and the briefing on the energy affairs

“We discussed of attempting to exploit the Aphrodite gas field”


The President of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades welcomed today at the Presidential Palace in separate meetings a delegation of the Shell Company and one of the DEFA Board of Directors, in the presence of the country’s Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry, Mr. George Lakotrypis.

Following the two gatherings, Mr. Lakotrypis stated that during the President’s meeting with the delegation of DEFA’s BoD, “the President was pleased by the fact that, after several efforts for gas to arrive, we have now taken a decisive step towards that direction; this is important for the country for ecological and economic reasons, but also for energy supply security reasons. The President thanked DEFA and its staff”.

Speaking about the President’s meeting with Shell, Mr. Lakotrypis commented that “actually, the company’s Executive Vice President has put his hands on the portfolio of the region rather recently, and today constituted a first opportunity for him to meet the President and discuss the developments in the region and those regarding Cyprus.

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