Shock in Karpathos: Two divers were found dead in an underwater cave! (Upd.)

Strong underwater currents and blurry waters in the seafloor made them lose contact with the third diver who reported to the Coast Guard the incident

UPDATE: The Coast Guard divers located the two divers dead in the underwater cave they were trapped in a depth of 50 meters.
Another Czech friend of theirs who dived with them, reported yesterday, Saturday, that strong underwater currents and blurry waters in the seafloor made him lose contact with the other two divers.

Thriller in the Greek island of Karpathos with two divers trapped in an underwater cave west of Sokastro.

It all started shortly after 8pm on Saturday, when the island authorities were informed of the disappearance of the two divers who had gone for a dive in a 50-meter-deep undersea cave. Time was passing by with no signs of life from them.

It is reportedly a Czech and an Iranian, 60 and 35 years old. The authorities were alerted by a friend who had been with them and was concerned when they did not show up.

The army and the Coast Guard were alerted and the Coast Guard’s Special Diving Team has been transported to the site by helicopter.

This is a team of specially trained divers who work at great depths.