Shocking: A subway surfer clung to the outside of a moving train! (VIDEO-PHOTOS)

A shocked commuter caught the whole thing on video!

Commuters were rattled by a Brooklyn subway surfer on Friday morning — and one even managed to capture his daring trip on video.

The unidentified man hopped onto the side of the Manhattan-bound C train on July 6, according to the New York Post . Hanging on to the top of the train in front of the doors, he rode one stop from the Clinton-Washington Avenues subway station to Lafayette Street. The incident happened at about 8:30 a.m.


Commuter Matthew Beary told the Post that he witnessed the event while on his way to work. He saw the subway surfer hop onto the train after the doors closed and quickly whipped out his cell phone to capture the stunt on video.

“I’d never seen anybody do it before,” Beary told the Post. “I’ve seen warnings about it on the subway. I just wanted to take the video because I thought it was awesome and also scary as hell.”

After first posting photos of the daredevil to Instagram, Beary later shared video footage as well “to prove he was still alive at the end.”


Speaking to the New York Daily News , Beary said it seemed like the subway surfer had done this before “because he was so confident.” But other commuters were rattled.

“The lady next to me had noticed and had a look of shock on her face, hand covering her mouth the whole time,” Beary said.

After the train came to a stop at Lafayette Street, the man nonchalantly hopped off and walked away, uninjured.

Source: businessinsider