Shocking footage of woman violently beaten and stabbed by group of men (distressing video)

The attack is reportedly linked to football hooliganism

Shocking video footage shows a young female football fan being brutally assaulted and stabbed by a group of men from a rival team in an incident that was first thought to be a robbery.

Although police had initially classified the attack in a park in Ilion, west Attica as a robbery due to the fact that the assailants had taken the phone and money off the victim, upon further investigation they concluded it was linked to football hooliganism between rival teams.

The attack, which took place on February 18, was extremely violent as the hooligans can be seen kicking the girl and slashing at her feet with a knife while dragging her on the ground and shouting profanities at her.

The girl who was attacked is 22 years old and works as a distributor.

The Greek government had come under fire for a recent spike in violent coordinated attacks in Athena on Thessaloniki, some of which were linked to football hooliganism and others to extreme leftist groups.