Shocking moment dogs fall off a cliff in Spain (warning! distressing video)

It is not clear if the dogs survived the fall

The horrifying moment a pack of dogs and a fleeing deer plunge off the side of a cliff during a hunt in Spain has caused outrage in Spain.
Animal welfare groups attacked the hunter for sending his hounds to trap the wild animal yesterday as they shared the footage on social media.
The incident happened near the village of Herreruela in the western province of Caceres, Spain.
An onlooker can be overheard yelling to the hunter “run, the dogs are falling” as the first three go over the edge while the others tear at the deer.
He repeats his warning as the dogs’ owner appears, shouting out to him.
The hunter is then seen approaching the animals before appearing to make a botched attempt at finishing off the deer by stabbing it.
It was not immediately clear if any of the animals had survived the fall.
But a spokesman for the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation said the dogs had been treated at the scene before being taken to nearby vets.